Wax Flameless Candles for Atmosphere

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Exceeding Expectations With Thoughtful Detail

Success in hospitality comes from exceptional management of three components: the experience, the service and the product offering. Spas, country clubs and other fine service establishments tend to set high expectations for guests and their quest is to exceed them by using thoughtful details that their discerning clientele will notice and appreciate.


Managing Atmosphere


Décor and ambiance is where a truly unique and memorable guest experience lives. When assembled perfectly, ambiance enables a subtle, indescribable feeling that surrounds the client experience: you could say it’s the coming together of all the senses in perfect harmony. Light, texture, hue and patterns are combined with other character building accents that people notice, but rarely remember in isolation. Since vision is most dominant of the senses, in hospitality, how a room is lit, will play a significant part in a patron’s service description and in rating their enjoyment level. As such, wax flameless candles have become a superior alternative to ‘open flame’. In addition to their indistinguishable appearance and function, they offer unique safety, convenience, and efficiency benefits that hospitality venues appreciate…and they save money.


Make a Statement


In hospitality, candlelight makes a statement about the quality of service, the attentiveness to detail, and the dedication of management to the overall service experience. Electric candles are perfect for décor on bars, hostess stands and in washrooms – while removing safety concerns and the potential liability from unforeseen mishaps. With the advent of real wax candles, curious customers will benefit from the same tactile experience as open flame versions. We even found one patented real wax LED candle that had such a realistic wick design, that from only a few feet away the average person cannot tell the difference.


Engineered to mimic the dance, flicker and glow of a live flame, restaurants, spas, country clubs and other fine establishments are now able to employ the candlelight experience in facility areas and display applications that preclude the use of excessive heat and open flame. Reinforce your unique brand with the creative application of electric candlelight and its soothing affect on mood and emotion.


Superior Efficiency


If you choose the right manufacturer, expect to see an entire year of flickering candlelight from just one pair of batteries. The LED bulbs used in electric candles are the most efficient light source on the planet—providing up to 200,000 hours of light on average—for suites, dining areas, and any general service area. Flame free candles are a truly reliable, long lasting, and extremely safe source of illumination.


Recharging technology advancements like the SureCharge system have evolved to now provide super fast energy transfer to LED candles without concerns of overcharging. Needless to say, the process is highly energy efficient, convenient and easy to use.


Contrary to open flame alternatives, there is no product supervision, restocking or clean up required, and with programmable timers, your staff are able to set candles to turn on and off automatically to meet your facility’s service schedule.


That Extra Special Touch!


Whether you offer a VIP service, or just want your guests to feel like a celebrity, the "reserved” candle is a classy way to hold a table or service area.


With real wax flameless candles, create that special ambiance that your clientele will tell their friends about!

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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

Candle Impressions Catalogue

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